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The housing market’s next big trend is a fully automated home, which increases both the efficiency and value of your residence. Our mobile phones swiftly schedule meetings, check our email, and call others, so why can’t our houses operate in a similar way to streamline our lives?

However, the boom in smart homes has created a variety of products that becomes overwhelming with so much mass marketing. As ground-breaking technology continues to develop, it’s wise to team up with a professional company that stays on top of the trends. Allstar Alarm has been designing and installing home automation and remote-control systems for over 30 years.

An automated home allows you to control the features of your daily life, from lighting to window shades to pet feeders, with the touch of a button or even a voice command.


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Allstar Alarm Home Automation

Customize your lifestyle. 

  • Program your shades to close at a set daily time to keep the sun from fading your furniture.
  • Turn off the water supply when you leave your home for a long period of time, and turn it back on before you arrive to save money and energy.
  • Receive notifications on a mobile device when your freezer’s temperature shifts outside your desired range. 
  • Use voice command to turn on the kitchen lights when your arms are full of grocery bags.

Adjust your home functions as often as you like, wherever you are, through the simplicity of your cell phone. Allstar Alarm can handle the complexity of whatever home features you want to automate. Let your imagination run wild and call us today to get started.

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