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Selective Restriction

Our commercial access control can provide increased security for your assets and employees with a variety of electronic keycards or biometric technologies. Whether you want to secure entrances and parking areas, or limit access to sensitive or private areas, Allstar Alarm's Access Control is the solution. For businesses such as government offices, research facilities, and manufacturing plants, it is especially vital to protect sensitive products or data. Regulate who accesses your building to keep your property and information safe.

With a keycard system, you remove the time-consuming cost of replacing locks in case keys go missing. Our Access Control system logs and tracks the identities of whoever enters a secure space, building a record of their tracks. When combined with surveillance video records, the value of these records rises. Set your system to selectively permit passage at specific times and locations to safeguard a vault or laboratory even further. Choose any combination of times and places; your options are limitless.

Services - Access Control
Services - Access Control - Aurora

Advantages of Access Control

  • Keeps intruders out by allowing access to only your employees or authorized personnel
  • Protects sensitive business assets, information, or products
  • Restrict sensitive areas to only certain employees
  • Eliminates the need to replace locks if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Know who is coming and going
  • Manage multiple locations from a central office

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