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Code Compliance At Reasonable Costs

Keep your commercial or industrial facility safe from the threat of fire with Allstar Alarm. Our fire alarm systems are among the most trusted in the industry, and our staff are trained to help you with accurate up-to-date fire regulations and codes. Our fire systems will secure your buildings, occupants, employees, and assets.

Allstar Alarm is committed to ensure your fire alarm system keeps up with new NFPA codes and laws. Our professional team designs, installs, and maintains a system that matches with the corresponding national, state, and local fire codes. We offer repair services as needed for your brand of equipment if deficiencies are found.


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Allstar Alarm Fire Monitoring

24/7 Fire Monitoring

Our fire detection systems easily integrate with our other products and services through a centralized automation system controlled by you. Furthermore, we’ll continue to have your back through our Central Station operators, which monitor all kinds of signals from your facility 24/7, from smoke and heat detectors to sprinkler systems to pull stations. Whenever an incident happens, we’ll alert you and emergency services within seconds to minimize fire damage.

Allstar Alarm saves the cost of two dedicated phone lines by offering NFPA and UL code-compliant Dual-Path Alarm Communicators.

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