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Safe guard your commercial facility from natural and man-made disasters with Allstar Alarm’s integrated security systems. We protect against break-ins, robberies, and fires with video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems.

Some features include flashing lights when an alarm is triggered, auto arming or scheduled lighting scenes to create an illusion of occupation to prevent break-ins. With Allstar Alarm, you can automate your security tasks with an easy-to-use monitoring system you can control from a cell phone, laptop, or tablet. Enjoy peace of mind even when a storm cuts the electricity; our system runs off broadband or cellular communication that keep a connection even when other systems are severed.


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Allstar Alarm Commercial Security

Integrated Video Monitoring

Look through a variety of external and internal security cameras to keep an eye on suspicious persons, secure sensitive areas and information with keycard access for your employees, and enable alarm systems that send you text and email notifications within minutes of an incident. You’ll never worry about your company’s employees and assets again with Allstar Alarm. Call us today to get started.

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